Save for the goals that matter to you.

Set your goals.

Save automatically.

Track your progress.

You know your destination.

Just tell us how much you want to save each month, and we'll move that money from your bank into your Rize account.

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Choose your goals. Tell us your goals and we’ll help you build a savings plan to reach them. Rize makes saving money a no-brainer.

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Set your monthly savings. Every month, your savings allocation gets moved automatically from your bank to your Rize account.

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Securely connect your bank. Connect your bank account with Rize so saving money becomes completely hands-off.

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Start saving automatically.

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Why Rize?

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SIPC Insured: Money in your Rize account is insured up to $250,000.

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0.65% APY: The cash in your Rize account earns more than 10x the national average.

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Pay What You Want: At Rize, you choose what you pay. There are no additional fees, minimums, or limits of any kind.

Security is our top priority. Period.

Rize users like you entrust us with personal and important information. That’s why it’s equally important you know this: We don’t mess around when it comes to your security.

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